In-Home Consultations Lead to Stunning Room Creations – A Seville Home Expert Interview



A celebrated 33-year career in interior design has placed Becky at the top of her field and in demand. Mentored by the best and having artistically designed spaces ranging in size from a single room to expansive estate homes, Becky brings careful attention and delivers inspired beauty by covering every detail. 

"I love the process of bringing layers of design together to create stunning spaces," Becky shares.  "Working directly with clients to transform their ordinary spaces into extraordinary retreats is a true privilege.  Together, we cast a big vision and work toward rooms that are unique, personal and timeless."

Size, scale, placement, as well as texture, color and layers all go into fabulous rooms.  Becky has proven herself to be masterful with all and a truly delightful partner throughout the process. 

Q:  You’ve built a stellar reputation for providing complimentary, high-value, in-home consultations thru Seville Home.  From your professional designer perspective, why is this approach so successful for you and your clients in creating beautiful and unique spaces?

Becky:  In my 33 years of experience, in-home visits and spectacular home furnishing outcomes go hand-in-hand.  Seeing you where you live and listening to you describe how you live gives me an immediate head-start.  

At a very practical level, a customer might love something in the store that simply doesn't fit when it arrives in their home.  Color, scale, lighting, arrangement, accessorizing . . . they all have profound implications.  If invited, I jump at the chance to visit a home and have a fully-informed conversation before the first piece of furniture is presented or purchased.  The upside of an in-home consultation is tremendous.  The rooms you live in are personal spaces.  They each deserve personal attention and consideration within the context of your own home and lifestyle.

Q:  Taking a step-by-step approach, can you walk us through the process starting with initial meeting, thru in-home consultation, to finished room?

Becky:  Of course, but first I feel compelled to say this process should be wildly exciting and filled with anticipation.  If you’ve been intimidated and even disappointed with home furnishing projects in the past, you haven’t met the right designer and home furnishing partner.  Rest assured, Seville Home will be that solution for you. 

With me, the process generally starts with meeting someone shopping at Seville Home.  They’re having trouble making a decision.  They’ve run out of time and patience with what they perceived as a “you’re on your own” option with other retailers.  I can see it and sense it.  And it’s the perfect time to offer them a better approach . . .

• I offer to visit their home – at their convenience – to get a complete view of their spaces and listen to their desired outcome. 

• We’ll talk about existing pieces they’d like to incorporate and which no longer fit their taste.  We’ll inventory what’s there and identify what will be needed to make a room highly livable and loved.

• Next, we regroup at the Seville Home gallery where I’ll present several choices of floor plans and two or three options for each item that will create the final space.  We’ll look at color schemes, fabrics, textures, shapes.  My job is to lead a customer down a path inspired by their personal preferences and toward a result of beautiful outcomes.

• We have these meetings at Seville Home so customers can sit in the pieces for personal fit and comfort.  We explore the gallery together as selections are made.  Sometimes we have the perfect piece on the floor.  Other times, we’re ordering pieces, with every detail custom.

• Most often, we’ll start with the large items first (sofas, tables, beds, etc.) then turn to lamps, artwork and accessories.  

• Once orders are placed, it generally takes 8 weeks for items to arrive at Seville Home for careful inspection and prep for delivery by our white-glove service.

• The final step is to put it all together in home.  Many times, and at the invitation of the customer, I’ll roll up my sleeves and help set each piece in place to take what’s been on paper and put into real-life perfection.

Q:  Who is your typical in-home consultation customer?

Becky:   Customers who seek out and welcome my in-home visits are either unsure about designing and furnishing their home spaces or they are too busy to make it all happen themselves.  Either way, my mission is the same.  Provide reassurance, talented resources, and relief from the stress of the unknown.  Uncertainty or lack of time equals an opportunity to engage and deliver an inspired outcome.  That’s what I love doing.

Q:  Other home furnishing concepts and designers charge for in-home consultations.  Why do you and Seville Home offer this service at no extra charge?

Becky:  Well, it goes back to our essential belief that we’re in the relationship business as well as the home furnishings business.  Relationships are built on trust.  Trust needs to be earned.  For 19 years, that’s how we’ve operated at Seville Home and it works for everyone.  I’m not sure how else to put it.  Our all-in approach is appreciated and more and more uncommon in this age of online, impersonal, big box retailing.  That’s not who we are.  It starts with our investment, right up front, in our customers.  And that’s simply not going out of style.

Dalton Liu