Meet our Design & Professional Team

Too often in home furnishings, the term "Designer" is substituted for "Sales Person".  Unfortunately, the results don't always appear until your space is newly furnished with pieces that simply don't translate your unique style.  At Seville Home, each of our Designers is a seasoned and proven professional with years of acclaimed experience.  Your beautiful taste will shine because our team listens intently then applies their expertise to create truly stunning spaces that say, "welcome home".


Becky Mosby

If you are tired of your surroundings feeling like the "50 Shades of Beige"............ Then it is time to leave ordinary behind. Let me help you to create an inspired space where life's hopes and dreams can happen. A warm inviting home where your family and friends can create memories to last a lifetime. Together we can transform your home into a timeless personal space full of unique and beautiful furnishings that will reflect your taste and style that will enrich your lives forever.

I'm Becky, call or email me today and let's get started. I will make sure you "Love where you Live!"

Rochelle Palipchak

Rochelle Palipchak is prolific in her interior design acumen, making her a widely sought-after and trusted resource when it comes to creating uniquely personal and purposeful spaces. “Less is more when it comes to creating clean, crisp and ultimately inviting rooms to retreat into and invite friends and family to share,” Rochelle says. “I love to start with a neutral base and bring brave splashes of color into every room.” Rochelle is driven to help you discover your own personal style and build on it in ways you may never have thought possible. “I’m continually meeting new people who challenge me to look through new lenses and find beauty in the smallest moments and simplest details. Your home should amplify who you are and project what you find important. That’s where I love to live . . . where my passion for design intersects your desire to create a home that expresses you and your family in an unforgettable way."


Dave Brundage

Having built a wide and respected reputation over the past 11 years in Kansas City's home furnishings community, Dave joined Seville Home to amplify his expertise and bring a unique beauty to each customer and home he touches. "I put a real emphasis on listening with my ears and eyes", Dave explains. "Working with customers is a passion of mine. I've always believed great interior and furniture designs happen when I can see through the eyes of my clients. That requires asking the right questions and translating nuance into stunning visual realities." Dave has a tremendous eye for color, texture and shape. His work can be admired in homes across Kansas City . . . from small studios to sprawling estates.


Kimberly Moussa

Formally educated in Interior Design and originally inspired a trip to the cosmopolitan cities and rolling countryside of France, Kimberly brings nearly 15 years of celebrated experience to Seville Home.  "I've heard from my family and friends how fortunate I am to pursue my passion as a career," Kimberly recently shared.  "Indeed, I love what I do and consider it a real privilege to help my customers create beautiful spaces.  It often starts with a single treasured piece we incorporate into a bigger plan.  And it's always a reflection of their personalities, Kimberly has accumulated countless fans across her career and is pleased to now tap into the truly exceptional crafters who create authentic and luxurious furniture and accessories for Seville Home. “The excitement of bringing a timeless design together is so rewarding and having the family-like support and beautifully unique selection of Seville Home allows me to assemble stunning home retreats," Kimberly said.  "I can't wait to meet the next person who visits Seville Home for the first time.  Together, we'll create something that takes your breath away and delivers exceptional and enduring value."

Teri Schuler

A house becomes a home when space is thoughtfully planned and then infused with colors, fabrics and furnishings that reflect the life culture. Hi, my name is Teri Schuler and space planning/design is my passion! Working in the commercial industry for the past 20 years, I have designed everything from a newly constructed building to a child's space is too big or small. Joining the Seville Home team has opened up the personal side of design. Working with a home owner, helping to form the perfect space or searching for that 'one of a kind' piece is both rewarding and a joy. I'm always on the hunt for the next challenge, be it design or a bike I always say; I'm in!

Carrie McColgan

Over 11 years ago, Carrie McColgan — with an interior design and merchandising degree in hand — joined Seville Home and immediately began crafting her place as a powerhouse talent in the Kansas City fine home furnishings market. Across those years, Carrie has earned the trust and respect of grateful customers and top-tier peers alike. Her attentive listening, thoughtful planning and remarkable ability to translate loosely formulated customer thoughts into stunning rooms and homes keeps Carrie in demand and delivering a look that’s best described as “casual elegance”. “I believe every element of a room needs to work together to create a truly beautiful, inviting and wonderfully functional space,” Carrie recently shared. “I love bringing all aspects of interior design into the conversation and the quality, style and selection offered by Seville Home allows me to deliver unique, stunning outcomes and enduring value with absolute confidence. Carrie also serves as the Seville Home Sales Manager and Co-Store Manager.

Karen Conover

Karen Conover received an interior design degree from the University of Central Missouri then spent many years on the East Coast in the home furnishings industry before returning to her Kansas City roots. For ABC Carpet and Home in New York City, she is proud to have been an integral part of developing and establishing the fabric and custom home department. Karen has spent the last 13 years designing for Seville Home where she has an incredible selection of fine home furnishings to choose from to achieve the perfect combination of style and uniqueness for her clients' homes. Karen's knowledge and love of textiles plays an important role in every design project. Introducing the right mix of color, pattern and texture allowsher to take a room to an entirely different level.


Gil Urenda


Beyond his in-store management, Gil works directly with clients to ensure furnishings work perfectly once delivered to your home.  Gil wears the brand of Seville Home proudly and is a true people person.  Our customers know him by name and often describe him as "an essential part of the Seville Home experience".  He simply goes above and beyond . . . a true home furnishing super hero!